To purse a challenging career in an organization which can provide me with competitive and professional environment, wherein my skills alongwith the academic background and experience as an active researcher will be utilized to mutual benefits.

Name- Prof. Vimmi Malhotra

Designation- Assistant Professor

Highest Qualification- PHD pursuing (BLOCKCHAIN)

Area of Interest- Information Security, Computer Networking and Programming Languages.

Research Guidance- M.tech Thesis(5 completed)

Publications-  12 (In referred journals such as scopus, IEEE)

Experience- 8 years

Contact num-+91 8588880350

Email- vimmi.malhotra@ggnindia.dronacharya.info


In association with DRONACHARYA COLLEGE of ENGINEERING, GURUGRAM, I believe in raising students with the thinking and learning skills that they require in order to continue to learn well after they have left my classroom. 


Project 1

To analysis the data of Women Scientist under various DST- Schemes

Project 2

To implement Intrusion Prevention System  for various websites attack such as phishing, blockage of un-authorized entity 

Project 3

Every popular brand has fake manufacturers selling a counterfeited item at cheaper rates. Even the company experts may not be able to distinguish between fake ones and real ones. What if the original manufacturer has embedded a 2D barcode on the product which is tied to a blockchain system.